Thursday, March 23, 2017

What’s Rossi Reading

  • Mar 22nd - What's Rossi Reading

    A woman has found the most unusual thing in a boiled egg.

  • Mar 21st - What's Rossi Reading

    A teen jumps into a pool full of sharks on purpose!

  • Mar 20th - What's Rossi Reading

    A fan uses Wikipedia to gain access to his favourite band!

  • Mar 19th - News Before The News

    Why was Priti Malik looking tired this morning plus Kris Jenner complains about Sharjah traffic. #FakeNews

  • Mar 16th - News Before The News

    Ariana Grande out of control at a Dubai brunch plus Ben Affleck seen at Mr. Ben's Costume. #FakeNews

  • Mar 15th - News Before The News

    Bruno Mars has his own desert safari company plus Pink isn't a fan of Kris Fade's facials! #FakeNews

  • Mar 14th - News Before The News

    A special edition of News Before The News in honour of Kris' trip to London.

  • Mar 13th - News Before The News

    Harry Styles is selling vegetables plus Katy Perry argues with her house help! #FakeNews

  • Mar 12th - News Before The News

    Wayne Rooney spotted at a Dubai hotel plus Tom Hiddleston likes to show off his hands. #FakeNews

  • Mar 9th - News Before The News

    Adele spotted shopping for hand bags in Karama plus 50 Cent featured on Dubai Eye's Business Breakfast! #FakeNews

  • Mar 8th - News Before The News

    Selena Gomez wants selfies with Big Rossi plus Daniel Craig taking other people's Uber rides?

  • Mar 6th - News Before the News

    Gigi Hadid loves taking part in the egg and spoon race plus Orlando Bloom spotted at Wild Wadi and Adam Levine falls out with his cleaning company. #FakeNews

  • Mar 5th - News Before The News

    Madonna upset with Kris Fade's smelly room, Shaggy is over demanding plus John Legend is a huge fan of Kris Fade #FakeNews

  • Mar 1st - What's Rossi Reading

    A man is in a lot of trouble after drinking concrete!

  • Feb 28th - What's Rossi Reading

    Another mishap happened at the Academy Awards that a lot of people actually didn't notice.


Wyclef Jean was arrested last night in a case of mistaken
Nicki Minaj just made music history.