Saturday, February 25, 2017

What’s Rossi Reading

  • Feb 21st - What's Rossi Reading

    People are now paying to watch surgical procedures while having dinner!

  • Feb 20th - What's Rossi Reading

    A family has had their pet dog undergo plastic surgery on its ears!

  • Feb 19th - News Before The News

    Ed Sheeran has grey nose hairs? Plus Mariah Carey at a salon in Karama?!

  • Feb 16th - What's Rossi Reading

    A quick and sure way to skip the queues at the airport.

  • Feb 15th - News Before The News

    Donald Trump spotted talking to himself, George Clooney gets a man bun plus Barack Obama plays golf with Big Rossi!

  • Feb 14th - What's Rossi Reading

    Donald Trump's tweets like you've never heard them before.

  • Feb 13th - What's Rossi Reading

    A mysterious creature that is half cat and half kangaroo has been caught in Australia!

  • Feb 12th - What's Rossi Reading

    Here are a few things that annoy cabin crew that you might want to avoid doing next time on a flight.

  • Feb 1st - What's Rossi Reading

    Orangutans are looking for love!

  • Jan 31st - What's Rossi Reading

    You've heard of Snakes On A hear about Birds On A Plane!

  • Jan 30th - What's Rossi Reading

    An old lady who licks people's eyes!

  • Jan 26th - What's Rossi Reading

    Is this the luckiest boy in the world?

  • Jan 25th - What's Rossi Reading

    These Dubai firemen have gone viral.

  • Jan 24th - What's Rossi Reading

    Is this the most expensive house in the U.S.? 

  • Jan 23rd - What's Rossi Reading

    Here are some things you might not want to do during your next job interview.


Cheryl Cole finally confirmed what we have been suspecting for months - yes, she is having a baby with 1D's Liam
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