Saturday, April 29, 2017

What’s Rossi Reading

  • Apr 20th - What's Rossi Reading

    This is why you should never put your hand down a toilet.

  • Apr 19th - What's Rossi Reading

    A sure way to save you money on flights and buying new phones and gadets.

  • Apr 18th - What's Rossi Reading

    April the Giraffe isn't happy.

  • Apr 17th - What's Rossi Reading

    A man drops his construction hat in the sea and it gets recovered in Portugal.

  • Apr 16th - What's Rossi Reading

    Could this be the world's oldest Easter egg?

  • Apr 13th - What's Rossi Reading

    A man gets hit by a bird while taking a ride on a roallercoaster.

  • Apr 11th - What's Rossi Reading

    A woman has trained squirrel's to attack her boyfriend!

  • Apr 10th - What's Rossi Reading

    The dumbest robbers in the world!

  • Apr 9th - What's Rossi Reading

    You won't believe what the government of Japan is doing for OAP drivers.

  • Apr 5th - What's Rossi Reading 2

    A man has cans and bottles sticking to his head.

  • Apr 5th - What's Rossi Reading

    Adult swaddling is the in thing apparently!

  • Apr 4th - What's Rossi Reading

    A Japanese company will send its staff to pose for Instagram photos with you for AED 265 per hour!

  • Apr 3rd - What's Rossi Reading

    A man has carved an image of Beyonce on a cheese block. This presented an opportunity for Kris, Big Rossi and Priti Malik to do some cheese carving of their own.

  • Apr 2nd - News Before The News

    Justin Bieber whipped at Dubai World Cup? #FakeNews

  • Apr 2nd - What's Rossi Reading

    A man has flown thousands of miles in the wrong direction!


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