Saturday, January 21 2017

What’s Rossi Reading

  • Jan 19th - What's Rossi Reading

    Is this guy the world's best and most generous boss?

  • Jan 18th - What's Rossi Reading

    A new moth species in Mexico has been named after Donald Trump!

  • Jan 17th - What's Rossi Reading

    A man has paid a massive fine in the U.S. with pennies!

  • Jan 16th - What's Rossi Reading

    Here's a sure way to find out who has been snooping through your Facebook page.

  • Jan 15th - News Before The News

    Ryan Gosling discusses his dream about angry birds, Ariana Grande apologises after a meltdown plus David Guetta & Tiesto discuss their next gigs after 'working' too hard!

  • Jan 12th - What's Rossi Reading

    Don't mess with this man and his cheese sandwich.

  • Jan 11th - What's Rossi Reading

    People are now licking their cats!

  • Jan 11th - News Before The News

    Priti Malik has been stalking celebrities, Ed Sheeran likes making tea for other celebrities plus David Guetta is a fan of Al Maya supermarket in the Dubai Marina.

  • Jan 10th - What's Rossi Reading

    Chewbacca from Star Wars has given birth!

  • Jan 9th - The News Before The News

    Kim Kardashian is having problems fitting into her airplane seat, Sean Paul reacts to Big Rossi's new intro and Bruno Mars talks about working with Priti Malik on a song!

  • Jan 8th - What's Rossi Reading

    A woman is making dolls out of dust!

  • Dec 15th - What's Rossi Reading

    A dog has broken a world record!

  • Dec 14th - What's Rossi Reading

    A boxing kangaroo from the 1980s has resurfaced!

  • Dec 13th - What's Rossi Reading

    A woman is allegedly selling babies.

  • Dec 12th - What's Rossi Reading

    A man has come up with an unconventional way to pay for his meals at restaurants!


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