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The full “Reputation” track list, Justin Bieber playing football draws a crowd, a Frozen reunion, and Diddy has learned a lesson about the Internet.

Meek Mill is going to jail, we see Kylie’s baby bump for the first time, and is Will Smith really paying Tyrese $5 million to stay off social media?

Lamar Odom collapses, Diddy has a new name, Kevin Hart tries his first marathon, and why is this soup can $1000?

The future of “House of Cards” is in jeopardy, Harvey Weinstein may go to jail, animoji karaoke may be the best thing the iPhone X can do, and get ready for the hottest toy for the holidays of 2017.

Justin and Selena are definitely back together, Beyoncé will kill it in the new Lion King, and yet another powerful man in Hollywood is accused of assaulting women.

Yet another actor accused of assaulting a female on set, what is Selena Gomez doing wearing her ex’s clothes, and a very scary moment on live TV.


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