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Chrissy Teigen has her baby, Hilary Duff puts her neighbor on blast, Nikki Bella responds to John Cena’s emotional plea, and the real Yanni chimes in on the Laurel vs. Yanni debate.

The real reason Megan Markle’s father isn’t coming to the wedding, John Cena pours his heart out on live TV. and Cardi B isn’t too pregnant to fight.

Why did Meghan Markle’s father get kicked out of the royal wedding? Plus Pete Wentz names his daughter after a comic book, Kristen Stewart is barefoot at Canne.

The Weeknd and Bella back together, Hellen Mirren has a scary fall, Harrison Ford surprises the new Han Solo, and Black Panther hits up his old Uni.

Cardi B shuts of her social media, and Logan Paul is a boxer?

Break ups! Two friends are no longer friends, while one couple are now just friends. And Iron Man is missing!


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