The Dirt – May 18, 2017

Rapper A$AP Rocky’s home was robbed Tuesday night. Three men got into his LA home through an unlocked window. They were caught by A$AP’s sister and pulled a gun. The men got away with $1.5 million in jewelry and other property. No one was injured. 

Amber Rose slept through someone breaking into her house, and STAYING for four hours! Word is the person broke in during the early hours of Wednesday morning. Amber, her mom, her son, assistant, AND bodyguards were all sleeping at the time. (Shouldn’t at least one bodyguard be on the night shift??) Police are investigating the break-in. Whomever it was, they didn’t even take anything. 

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So, a video of Jennifer Lawrence just leaked of her dancing on a pole at a nightclub in Austria last month. The video was taken without her knowledge. It’s nothing terribly scandalous, but Jennifer felt the need to tell us she’s not apologizing for having a good time.

Check out this extraordinarily painful moment when Ryan Seacrest mistakes one actor for another on his live morning TV show. The worst part is that the actor Ryan mistakes Jeffrey Tambor for is dead.


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