The Dirt – May 16, 2017

The new Pirates of the Caribbean film is being held for ransom by some hackers. The film, starring Johnny Depp, is scheduled to premiere in 10 days, but according to reports, hackers were able to get a copy of the film, and are threatening to release it piece by piece unless a huge amount of money is paid in Bitcoin. Disney says it isn’t going to pay, and that the FBI is investigating. 

Dead Men Tell No Tales. Get your @DisneyPirates tickets now! (link in bio)

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Are you ready for a conspiracy theory? Twitter blew up on Sunday with tweets about Avril Lavigne. The theory started from one user posting a long, detailed explanation that Avril killed herself in 2003, but was replaced with a body double by her record label who didn’t want to lose money at the peak of her career. The person even body doubled as someone named Melissa Vandella. 

They say you should compare Avril’s ears from pre-2003 and now. She just posted today on Instagram…but mysteriously covered her ears…

Taylor Swift has been taking the past few months off and has successfully kept out of the spotlight. Until this weekend, that is. Taylor was seen leaving her mother’s house in Nashville on Mother’s Day. She then hopped on a plane to somewhere, we don’t know where. Word is Taylor’s been working on a new album.

Is there life after Keeping Up With the Kardashians? We’ll soon find out as Kylie Jenner is getting her own show called Life with Kylie. Here’s the first trailer:


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