The Dirt – June 15, 2017

Is Beyoncé in labor? Maybe. The Internet is wild with speculation that the twins are on the way. One hospital in Los Angeles has an unusual amount of security right now (though we’ve also heard she’s going to have a home birth), and Bey’s hair guy posted this a couple days ago:

Hang in there, Mama! 💛 You @Beyonce!!

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It’s a fight that a lot of people thought would never happen but now it’s on. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will fight on August 26 in Las Vegas. It will be a 12 round boxing match. Mayweather is 40, McGregor is 28. Connor expects to make around $100 million for the flight. Mayweather says he’d like to double or triple that. 

Spain would like Cristiano Ronaldo to cough up $16 million in unpaid taxes from 2011-2014. Word is criminal charges have been filed. His attorney says it was a surprise and that he did not intentionally set out to break any laws.

Cristiano Ronaldo charged with tax fraud. #cristianoronaldo #tmz #tmzsports

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Jaden Smith is a white Batman (the Light Knight?) in his new video for a song called Batman. It’s…interesting.


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