The Dirt | June 11, 2018

Actor Vince Vaughn was arrested over the weekend in LA for DUI and resisting arrest.  Aaaaand here’s the mug shot.  Not bad.
Film legend Robert DeNiro at the Tony Awards last night didn’t hold back on his feelings for US President Donald Trump.  The show, which is like the Oscars for stage plays and musicals, was carried on live television around the world.  Some censored the f-bombs while other places like Australia let them fly.

Watch Taylor Swift play the other woman in this new video for country group Sugarland.  Yes, that’s Brandon Routh, formerly Superman, as the cheating man. 

Did you know that some sports betting agencies also take bets on things like celebrity divorces?  Apparently all betting was suspended Friday on whether or not David and Victoria Beckham would get a divorce.  That caused the tabloids to go crazy and assume the couple of 19 years was headed for splitsville.  A spokesperson says it’s bizarre and a “crock,” while Victoria has posted sweet pictures of she and David on Instagram all weekend.  

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