The Dirt | July 11, 2018

George Clooney was knocked off his motor bike in Italy when a car crossed in front of him.  The actor is in the country shooting a film.  He was taken to a hospital with “minor injuries” and released.  We just got the video:



People are looking to get any kind of hint about Selena Gomez’s feelings on her ex Justin Bieber’s engagement.  The two were on and off for years, but it looks like it was never meant to be.  Selea came out wearing an “only the strong survive” t-shirt, and of course all the tabloids are picking up on that as a subtle reference to the Beebs.  Maybe it’s just a t-shirt?

Cristiano Ronaldo has signed on to play for Juventus for €112 million.  That’s nearly AED 500,000,000.  It’s a four year contract, and Ronaldo says, “yay, money!” Just kidding.  He said “The time has come to enter a new stage in my life.”



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