The Dirt | August 9, 2017

Courtroom sketch artist has to be a pretty tough gig. I mean, you have to sit there during what is probably a very boring proceeding, and draw everybody to the best of your ability while they’re doing their thing. But if you’re the sketch artist for the Taylor Swift court hearing, you should probably at least be able to draw Taylor Swift. I mean it’s not like a surprise what she looks like. So imagine our surprise when we saw the sketch from her hearing yesterday in Denver, Colorado.


A courtroom sketch of Taylor and her mom, Andrea, with her legal team today. #TaylorSwift #WeLoveYouTaylor #IStandWithTaylor

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Disney has announced that they’re going to pull all of their movies from Netflix and start their own streaming service. It was only last year that Disney movies began appearing on Netflix, and now Disney has decided to use their option to exit that deal, because they want to make a pile of money on their own. Industry analysts are saying that Disney was likely trying to buy Netflix and a deal couldn’t be reached. For now though, Disney has to keep the movies (like Star Wars, the Marvel films, Pixar) on Netflix until the end of 2019, when the contract ends.

When you’re the kid of a former president of any country, eyes are always going to be on you. So when Malia Obama showed up at the Lollapalooza music festival this past weekend in Chicago, everyone was watching, especially when she was hauled out in a golf cart. She looks pretty out of it, I’m just gonna say that she was really tired because she had such a good time.

This is the best story today. The costume designer on Game of Thrones says some of the guys furry capes are actually carpets from IKEA. I’m not making that up. And once you see it, it’s something that can’t be unseen.


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