Monday, March 27, 2017

Priti Malik’s Gossip

  • Mar 27th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    John Mayor has released a new song about his ex Katy Perry plus could this be the name of Liam and Cheryl's new baby boy?

  • Mar 26th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Liam Payne is now a father, Harry Styles has teased new music plus Zayn Malik releases a new song.

  • Mar 22nd - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Ed Sheeran does the unthinkable for a fan plus could this be Zayn's next single?

  • Mar 21st - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Adele gets angry at the security at one of her shows plus the Forbes list of the richest people in the world has been released.

  • Mar 20th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Kim Kardashian reveals the details of the robbery incident in Paris plus Will Smith is back in Dubai.

  • Mar 19th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Victoria Beckham dishes out on why her marriage to David Beckham works plus Ed Sheeran's past speech about stuttering will blow you away.

  • Mar 16th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Taylor Swift is coming out with a range of products under her name plus Kim Kardashian opens up about how social media led to the robbery incident in Paris.

  • Mar 15th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Ben Affleck admits having checked himself into rehab plus could Beyonce have given out clues about the gender of her unborn babies?

  • Mar 14th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    A close source confirms whether Miley Cyrus is married plus Adele has a secret Twitter account.

  • Mar 13th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Adele's biggest concert secret has been revealed plus Ed Sheeran reveals that his song Shape of You was meant for Little Mix!

  • Mar 12th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Taylor Swift has stalker problems plus new music from Pitbull, J Balvin & Camila Cabello.

  • Mar 9th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Scarlett Johannson confirms she will never comment about her divorce plus Zayn Malik teases new music.

  • Mar 8th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Ed Sheeran reveals that Love Yourself was meant for Rihanna plus Katie Perry had things stuck to her teeth.

  • Mar 7th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Bella Hadid and The Weeknd run into each other at Paris Fashion Week plus Arnold Schwarzenegger quits The Celebrity Apprentice.

  • Mar 6th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Adele confirms she's married plus updates from the iHeart Radio Music Awards.


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