Thursday, April 27, 2017

Priti Malik’s Gossip

  • Apr 27th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Beyonce and Jay-Z just dropped a lot of money for a 30,000 square foot mansion, plus Selena Gomez has a new look.

  • Apr 26th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Tom Hardy is a real life super hero plus is Ed Sheeran quitting music?

  • Apr 25th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Serena Williams is back at number 1 on the global tennis rankings plus Chris Pratt does another freestyle rap about butter chicken.

  • Apr 24th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Justin Bieber says he is a changed man plus Harry Styles does a live performance of his new single 'Sign of the Times'.

  • Apr 20th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Serena Williams is pregnant plus Mike Tyson is coming to Dubai.

  • Apr 19th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Drake's house gets robbed plus Harry Styles opens up about his past relationship with Taylor Swift.

  • Apr 18th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Drake has accused an establishment of racial profiling plus Justin Bieber sings in Spanish.

  • Apr 17th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Harry Styles makes his solo debut performance on Saturday Night Live plus Lady Gaga has debuted new music.

  • Apr 16th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    We now know where George & Amal Clooney are gonna be living for the first 2 years of their baby's lives plus Jennifer Garner officially applies for divorce from Ben Affleck.

  • Apr 12th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Zayn Malik is the most successful member of One Direction plus Ed Sheeran settles out of court for a controversey involving his song Photograph.

  • Apr 11th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Kylie Jenner now has her own reality TV show plus the Billboard Music Awards nominations have been announced.

  • Apr 10th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Kylie Jenner causes chaos at a high school prom plus Bradley Cooper is now a dad!

  • Apr 9 - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Janet Jackson and husband Wissam have split up plus Drake is secretly hooking up with a mysterious lady.

  • Apr 6th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Pepsi are responding to the controversial Kendall Jenner commercial plus a new documentary about Heath Ledger is set to be released soon.

  • Apr 5th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    The countdown is on for Harry Styles' new music plus Beyonce has some new music!


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