Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Priti Malik’s Gossip

  • Feb 21st - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Angelina Jolie eats spiders plus was Katy Perry having problems singing during the Grammys?

  • Feb 20th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Anejlina Jolie opens up about her divorce from Brad Pitt plus Drake talks about his beef with Kanye West.

  • Feb 19th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Angelina Jolie makes her first public appearance after her divorce from Brad Pitt plus The Weeknd does a diss track against Justin Bieber!

  • Feb 16th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Ed Sheeran was locked out of his own Grammy Awards afterparty plus Kendal Jenner's secret for walking on the runway.

  • Feb 15th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Selena Gomez and The Weeknd's relationship seems to be very expensive plus Harrison Ford could have his pilot's license suspended.

  • Feb 14th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Adele is married plus Bella Hadid opens up about her break up with The Weeknd.

  • Feb 13th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    All the upadates from this year's Grammy Awards.

  • Feb 12th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Drake is in trouble for an alleged comment he made to a fan plus George & Amal Clooney are expecting their first babies!

  • Feb 9th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Some people are uspet because of Lady Gaga's body plus was Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddlestons' relationship real?

  • Feb 8th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Is Ed Sheeran getting married? Plus Madonna has adopted twin girls from Malawi.

  • Feb 7th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    The contents of this year's Grammy Awards goodie bag plus Selena Gomez teases new music on her Instagram.

  • Feb 6th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Superbowl updates plus Lady Gaga's halftime performance.

  • Feb 5th - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Leonardo DiCaprio meets Salt Bae plus Justin Bieber makes a return to Instagram.

  • Feb 1st - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Demi Lovato is having some house troubles plus major controversies plague this year's Grammy Awards.

  • Jan 31st - Priti Malik's Gossip

    Selena Gomez reveals her relationship with The Weeknd on Instagram plus the beef between Rihanna and Azalea Banks just went up a notch!


George Clooney has spoken out for the first time publicly about having
The first photos from the crime scene of Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery have
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