October 3rd – Priti Malik’s Gossip

123 Taco Bell are coming up with a Fashion Line plus the Forbes list of the Hip Hop cash kings has been released.

Yes. From Hollywood to sun you like to live in secrecy you think see ghosts in three minutes of the song that edge here in road for a very good friend got hold of first Pretty what are we talking about a lot of talk money or food for through food I mean I mean got to go bad day though SAGAL Vell which you Chris as you mentioned used to be here it was in divine mall and then it closed down I have to say Taco Bell is usually one of the first foods that I have this is I go home At home I love it was about it boils down to the earlier as well did they go in all the Taco Bell like I love Talk to hire really hot it once and then I never got to have it again and I think I will I think it’s close I think it’s owned by the same group that I own K.F.C. but I really I think and you know when I go to L.A. first thing I do one of those being is get some Taco Bell I don’t know why I didn’t do well here I love it and if you love Taco Bell just as much well now you can buy Taco Bell clothing the company is collaborating with Forever twenty one to create a clothing line it features like tops graphic tees body suits cropped to jackets for men as well flat shirts like you name it they have it and the whole line is going to be available online in stores on October eleventh and says Taco Bell No like you know the sauce packets it’s like hot mild you know not so they’re like sure that early in the in there that have that on there it’s got to talk about a logo it’s got their food I’ll buy it I think it’s so odd I could totally wear it though not to go October eleventh if you’re looking forward to that and let’s talk about money so Forbes us is everything we’re they released a list it’s called the hip hop Cash Kings list so who is making the most money in the past year among hip hop artists. I’m going to guess number one is Diddy but how many of you on Top five given so far I mean so number five Chance the Rapper serious made thirty two million dollars more than pit bull more than D.J. Khalid in the past year hence the wrap up yet Number four doctored. Your I still make not money thirty four point five million dollars Number three Jay Z. made forty two million dollars in the past year OK But number two would even go to number two. With who you love him Kanye dreich the up three Drake made ninety four million dollars in the past year and Chris you are correct number one with one hundred thirty million dollars made from June twenty sixth seen on words it’s pretty good on him Diddy still on it he’s been on in the industry but on one in my view hundred thirty million dollars in a year he doesn’t want any older than he did twenty five Exactly yes times yeah good on him there it is twenty tonight now morning pretty it is really the sound of Dr.


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