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123 Is there going to be a part 3 to the ‘Sex In the City’ movie plus OJ Simpson has been released from prison 

From Hollywood if you like this. All right pretty you’re talking about one of my favorite shows of all time and this is not a joke it is it if it’s true in the city I meant being in the city of call Samantha Carey I mean what’s the posole So there were two movies right and a lot of fans a lot of people have been waiting for thing in the city three to be filmed and released and I’m sorry to tell all you fans here well it doesn’t look like they are going to happen choir is Sarah Jessica Parker talking to Extra T.V. to the street yelling and not home to tell her you know yeah I disagree and Ernie Yeah absolutely I think and I’m disappointed I mean you know we have this beautiful funny heartbreaking joyful very relatable spiritual story and I think it’s not just disappointing that we don’t get to tell that story and you know have that experience I think more so in that that audience that has been so vocal about one hundred or. So words I don’t know why is it on it and if Sarah wants to assert just go back to the main actress Carrie but Kim could try is the one who’s stopped the project though now British one yes she’s from Liverpool you know she’s just you know apparently she never wanted to do with third film from the beginning now some reports say that she was asking for way too much she was being really demanding but she just never want to do a film and all all the ladies of thing in the city are fighting on Twitter saying all your fault you we wanted to do a movie would do you want to see a third because I would say the second one was not going to I don’t want to I mean I just like you know the reason why Samantha doesn’t want to do that she just the movie never wanted to do I’m wondering if she’s really she’s looking old and she does want to go on the big screen as that character Samantha where she’s like I aged I don’t know what she’s missing under Shaughnessy like well I have. Previous films are what she’s got coming up because I imagine he doesn’t have much these would be huge obviously shows and the money but that’s sad I mean listen one of my favorite T.V. shows the character involvement in all of these these guys which is fantastic Let’s move on real quickly O.J. got out of prison off to nine yes supposed to be serving thirty three I was in full so he was serving nine years for a robbery you know this is in Nevada and the thing is he was released said midnight at like twelve o three to avoid a paparazzi storm they just kind of released him without telling anyone and just kind of did it on the sly but of course the press did catch up with his car when he stopped for gas and this is the first statement where hearing from Ajay since they just had it would you not think to have his pick him up from jail would have fuel in the car to get him on correct and we could set up one of those many a business. Card for live the life. You know we’re telecommuting No we’re USA for the less than five years doing nothing. In this case with you guys would he thank goodness that. We’ve. Got a good thing here is. The juice is knows So this is.


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