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123 Is Rihanna single ? Plus Is Harrison Ford suffering from dimentia?

Hello from Hollywood it’s a home you like to receive thanks a. Lot of beautiful messages coming through the Virgin line this morning thank you very much love you let’s go Riana single malts single or not the answer is not it looks like you member she was going out with that guy Hassan you know you are it was a yes Saudi Saudi Yeah so looks like they’re still together they were first flooded out I want to say just before the summer on May and now they were thought of leaving a restaurant in London on Friday they chose to leave separately so they wouldn’t be spied together but it didn’t really work out so Rionda left to the back door waited in the car than thirty minutes later he left from the front door but went into the same car so I don’t know the same thing anyways they’re still good their field are going to drop her she goes to Saudi by the way guys remarry was next June starting next year and the reviews finally Harrison Ford I haven’t heard the story Oh but the party has been talking about it it’s just what is going on well there are some for the Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling arc costarring in Blade Runner twenty forty nine So guys just keep that in your mind they’ve worked on an entire film together so that the view don’t sit reading time film takes at least eight months to make it a male Now they’re doing interviews together they were on The Graham Norton Show and Harrison Ford is telling the story about how when he saw the script he thought the part was perfect for Ryan except he can’t remember Ryan Gosling’s name but he got it in right next to him I get worried when this happens because Is that a new lease on a Y L saw mizzle dementia because I know with my you with my legs straight to the underside with my grandfather with my eyes you know that’s what it was just sort of the were you getting some so he couldn’t remember Ryan Gosling’s name and had to check with right here we go I wrote about the character that. RYAN Right that’s right right. Yeah what a great part why don’t we see if we can get. My brother. Was easy joking was it a Joe you have to see the video it’s on our website a Virgin Radio to buy dot com He literally before he says the name he has to turn to Ryan just to make just to confirm that is name is Ryan I mean I don’t think Ryan Gosling really cares because it Harrison Ford he’s a legend you can call him like Greg for all lookin good Harrison for I still look I’m good thank you pretty much hit us with good times at home Friday.


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