Pay Your Bills

It’s that time of the year when you’ve come back from the holidays and all those bills start to creep up on you. Wouldn’t it be great if you had just a little bit of help with that one bill you wish you didn’t have to pay? Let Virgin Radio 104.4 pay it for you.

PAY YOUR BILLS returns with more cash in the kitty to pay them with so, which bill can we take care of for you? It could be your rent, DEWA, cay payments or even those brand new Gucci’s you probably shouldn’t have bought. Simply upload a copy of your bill and tell us why you’d like for it to be paid – and then listen in from April 8th – 19th at 8am11am, 3pm and 5pm to hear if we announce your bill. If we do, you have exactly 40 minutes to call 04-4231000 to claim your money. If you don’t it’s going to cost you!

Congratulations to all the winners of Virgin Radio’s Pay Your Bills powered by National Bonds – your trusted savings partner.

Christina Paul Newman 4,200 House Rent
Boleyn Maisnam 3,300 Credit Card Bill
Sean Eustace 4,930 Honeymoon
Joverizza Cruz 1,771 Credit Card Bill
Paolo Sanapo 1,228 Car Bill
Alvin Joseph Catapang 5,519 Credit Card Bill
Sadia Muhammad 1,769  Dewa Bill
Kevin Koottozhuthil Joju 1964 Car Loan
Lilian Ogola 6,102 Loan Installment
Rochelle Alcuran 4,268 Credit Card Bill
Wyndra Mendoza Molina 4,291 Credit Card bill
Remelyn Berches Luna 2,320 Tuition Fees
Simmonetta Eseller Hernandez 954 Etisalat post paid bill
Prasad Geddam 1,140 Etisalat Over due bill
Cristina Bulleser 1,635 Air Ticket
Joel Lopez 3,090 Credit Card Balance
Zaid Elias Atallah 1,983 DEWA Bill
Shijin Nizar 4,329 Credit Card Bill
Mini George 957 DEWA Bill
Jacob Isaac 1,729 DEWA BILL
Shamil Ann Thomas 1,089 Car Loan
Vener Garao 5,696 Credit Card Bill
Jill Bernadine Hernandez 2,200 Family Support (Remittance)
Amna Tariq 3,321 DEWA Bill


Terms and conditions:
Competition is open to UAE residents who are 16 years old and over
You must be able to provide a copy of the bill if requested
You must provide an attachment of the copy of the bill (matching the amount requested), otherwise entry is void
Bill must not be older than 6 months from 1 April 2018
Only UAE bills are accepted (no international bills)


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