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Non Stop Hits continue straight after Ryan Seacrest on The Ride Home with Brent Black.

An LA guy with all the connections, Brent Black will bring you all the hottest gossip from around the world on ‘The Dirt’ and UAE’s juiciest confessions with ‘The Dog House’ and ‘The X Files’.

Don’t forget the Pick the Hits Top 6 at 6, where Brent counts down the hottest hits on the Virgin Radio playlist as selected by you!

WHO IS...?
Watch as Ed Sheeran sings along with the crew from Sesame Street!
John Legend Dogs
John Legend just performed a wedding ceremony for his dogs! It was for a special reason!
Forget skywriting or a romantic dinner, this guy decided to propose to his girlfriend at Wrestlmania this weekend! Did she say yes? Or did she body slam him to the ground? Take a look.
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