Maz Hakim


Maz (aka) Mariam Hakim was born to Afghan parents who moved to Australia when she was 2 years old. She was brought up in a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, and this is where music played a massive part in her life. Early on, most of Maz’s report cards said “Maz has a lot of potential but talks too much in class”. We think her teachers identified her strengths very early on. This lead to her exciting career in radio. She trained at the Australian Film Television radio school and worked at some of the biggest radio stations in Australia – from Sales to Promotions to the Newsroom, she’s done it all. Finally, her love for Eastern and Western cultures brought her to Dubai. She began working at Virgin Radio 104.4 from 10 -1 and has now moved to her new show with Myles. During her free time, Maz loves to check her social media and post hundreds of pictures, documenting her life. If you want to know what she’s up to, just check her Instagram. MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT WORKING AT VIRGIN RADIO DUBAI IS… The team! The cool Virgin Radio listeners and fans we have. The amount of love they have for the station and for the music is nothing short of amazing! I’m not just saying that, I mean it! They’re so passionate. MY FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT IN DUBAI IS… I would have to say Tom and Serg or Common Grounds…cool environment and fresh healthy food. I always order smashed avocado. Do not underestimate the goodness in smashed avocado. MY CELEBRITY CRUSH IS… I think it would have to be Jake Gyllenhaal, there’s something so manly about him. Or hey, if I could go a few years younger, I would say Zayn. Or maybe Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. OK so I have a few crushes…don’t judge me 🙂 COOLEST THING I’VE DONE IN THE UAE… Waving a flag on stage with Steve Aoki! That was one of those out of body experiences…like…what is going on and why am I waving a Steve Aoki flag in front of 10,000 people at RedFestDXB! Oh, and also being on stage with Pharrell during the New Year’s Eve countdown…wow! What is life. FAVOURITE PLACE TO HANG OUT ON THE WEEKEND… JBR. Despite the traffic, it’s one of the best places for both families/couples/friends. So much to do and such a pleasant/happening environment. Reminds me of California or Miami or something! MOST PLAYED SONG ON MY ITUNES IS… Sorry by Justin Bieber. I could listen to it all day! And yes, I already said that and was locked in an elevator for an hour listening to Justin Bieber on repeat. Surprisingly I did well! IF I COULD EAT ONLY ONE THING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, IT WOULD BE… Avocado. So many nutrients…superfood…great for your skin and hair and guac is highly underrated. IF I COULD CHANGE MY NAME, I WOULD CHANGE IT TO… Hmmm….I’ve always wanted a name that starts with S. I don’t know what. So maybe like Sebastian or something. Even though that is a boy’s name. Savanna. Hey that would be cool! IF I HAD A SUPERPOWER, IT WOULD BE… To show people their future! Everyone is always so stressed about the future, if only I could show them that everything will be OK and they need to stop stressing. All is well that ends well. MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT IS… When I was in primary school I was supposed to do a dance in front of the entire school. I stood on stage but the CD had scratches so it never played. But I stood on stage waiting to dance…no music. Everyone laughed at me. I’m still traumatised. THE JOKE THAT’S ALWAYS GUARANTEED TO MAKE ME LAUGH IS… I love when people make funny noises. I know it’s so childish but it makes me laugh! Or if they imitate someone funny. STRANGEST THING I HAVE IN MY HOUSE… A dream board. It makes all my dreams come true. It’s strange and weird but I love it! You should have one too. Put everything you want on there. MY WEIRD OR ANNOYING HABITS ARE… I don’t think I have any…OK well maybe I do. I can be indecisive with food. So if you’re eating out with me I will change my mind about 5 times before I decide what to eat. IF I COULD CHOOSE ANY ARTIST TO GO ON TOUR WITH, PAST OR PRESENT, IT WOULD BE… Taylor Swift! Wow! Love everything she stands for and her show’s are incredible. Or maybe Micheal Jackson…remember when he put a rocket on his back? Seriously that was incredible! Imagine touring with him. MY FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION IS… Paris! Its just so beautiful and romantic. EVER BEEN SKYDIVING? I haven’t and I wouldn’t…I’m afraid of heights. My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about it. TWITTER OR FACEBOOK? Facebook all the way! SNAPCHAT OR INSTAGRAM? Instagram! *puts hand on hip* *pose to the right…it’s my good side* MY NICKNAME IS… Maz. THE ONE QUESTION I’M ALWAYS ASKED IS… Where are you from? Or how did you get into radio? IF THERE WAS ONE SONG THAT SUMS ME UP AS A PERSON IT WOULD BE… Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child


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