Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kris’ Kranks

  • May 29th - Kris' Kranks

    Kris decided to call in sick to Trump Tower. Problem is he doesn't work there!

  • May 22nd - Kris' Kranks

    Our good friend Harold wants to deposit AED 100,000 into the ATM. The problem is the whole amount is in coin form.

  • Apr 25th - Flower Shop Prank

    Kris and Priti just pulled off the most epic of prank phone calls and it was such an eye opener.

  • Apr 18th - Kris' Kranks

    The Hello Foundation makes random calls to rate the way you say hello.

  • Apr 12th - Kris' Kranks

    Kris calls up Kenya and pretends to speak Kiswahili.

  • April 5th - Kris' Kranks

    Kris calls up Bulgaria and pretends to speak their language.

  • Mar 27th - Pretend To Speak The Language

    Kris calls up Romania and pretends to speak their language.

  • Mar 14th - Kris' Kranks

    Kris calls up Operation Falafel and puts them through his famous Restaurant Roulette - it's total confusion.

  • Mar 5th - Kris' Kranks

    Restaurant Roulette was back this morning with Kris calling up iHop in L.A. and iHop in Dubai. It's total confusion!

  • Feb 15th - Kris' Kranks

    Kris decided to prank Maz from the Trending20 on Valentine's Day live on air!

  • Feb 12th - Kris' Kranks

    A good friend of the show Wallace is a little bit confused about a game show expo taking place in Abu Dhabi.

  • Feb 6th - Kris' Kranks

    What happens when you call a petrol station wanting to have fuel delivered to your home?

  • Jan 30th - Kris' Kranks

    How many of Sean Paul's song names can Kris use in a phone conversation?

  • Jan 26th - Kris' Kranks

    Jumeirah are running a competition to give away tickets to RedFestDXB plus a meet and greet pass. Kris decided to call them up and try to win the tickets and the meet and greet pass himself.

  • Jan 23rd - Kris' Kranks

    A leading coffee retailer says you can return goods within 14 days for an exchange, so Kris decided to return a coffee he bought 7 days ago!


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