Sunday, January 22 2017

Kris’ Kranks

  • Jan 11th - Netflix & Drill

    A brand new way of watching Netflix!

  • Jan 10th - Kris' Kranks

    What happens when you order a pizza and have all the toppings removed?

  • Dec 5th - Kris' Kranks

    Kris is suffering from a rare condition called Dab-A-Lot and is seeking a solution.

  • Nov 28th - Kris' Kranks

    So what happens when you call in sick at work...but you don't work at that particular company?

  • Nov 20th - Kris' Kranks

    Kris calls up a French restraurant wanting to test his French language skills.

  • Nov 8th - Kris' Kranks

    Our little friend Tommy is back and he wants to try out the newest ride at Wild Wadi - The Dubai Canal!

  • Oct 30th - Poka-A-Man and Go!

    There's a new TV show taking the airwaves by storm!

  • Oct 27th - Meet Abu Joseph

    We received a random call this morning and since we were having a show with a twist, Kris decided to twist things around! 

  • Oct 19th - Kris' Kranks

    A good friend of the show, Wallace, is a little confused about what they do at iHop and decides to call them up for a job.

  • Oct 18th - Calvin Harrassment

    Since his break up with Taylor Swift, it seems Calvin Harris is trying a little bit too hard to get a date!

  • Oct 11th - Kris' Kranks

    Big Rossi's sister-in-law Katie just moved to Dubai so naturally Kris decided to prank her.

  • Sept 18th - Kris' Kranks

    Kris Fade is having a little trouble with is new vacuum just doesn't sound right !

  • Sept 5th - Jason Statham's New Movie

    Jason Statham stars in some amazing movies including The Transporter and The Mechanic, but we had details of his latest movie coming up soon - The Plumber

  • Sept 4 - Kris' Kranks

    What happens when Kris Fade & Big Rossi try to audition for the Dubai Opera?

  • Aug 30th - Kris' Kranks

    What happens when Kris Fade gets confused about a chess club and a cheese club?


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