Sunday, January 22 2017

Kris Fade Show Interviews

  • Jan 19th - Satnam Singh Interview

    His story is an inspiration to everyone who hears it. He is the first ever Indian to be drafted into the NBA and he joined us on the show this morning.

  • Jan 12th - Billy Dib Interview

    We had world champion boxer Billy Dib on the show this morning and challenged him to do the soup challenge against Kris Fade.

  • Jan 12th - Adam Saleh Interview

    We just announced Adam Saleh will make a special appearance at RedFestDXB and he joined us on the show to make the announcement.

  • Jan 8th - G-Eazy Interview

    He is one of the upcoming artists in the world right now and we announced his addition to the RedFestDXB line up. We had a brief chat with him ahead of his visit to Dubai next month.

  • Jan 8th - Sean Paul Interview

    We spoke with Sean Paul this morning about him being added to the RedFestDXB line up, the upcoming birth of his first child plus the phenomenon that is the song Cheap Thrills.

  • Dec 21st - Hamza Hawsawi Interview

    X-Factor Arabia 2015 winner Hamza Hawsawi joined us on the show this morning and blew us away with his amazing talent!

  • Dec 18th - Harry On The Kris Fade Show

    We spoke to Harry on the show last week and he moved our hearts so we decided to invite him to the studio.

  • Dec 14th - Tom (The Pilot) Interview

    Kris Fade finally had his opportunity to talk to a pilot and ask him most of the burning questions he had about flying.

  • Dec 12th - Luke Hemsworth Interview

    Luke Hemsworth joined us in studio to talk about  the new TV show Westworld.

  • Dec 12th - Samuel L. Jackson Interview Part 2

    In part 2 of our chat to Samuel L. Jackson we find out his favourite movie that he ever acted in, what he thinks of the movie Pulp Fiction, his support for Liverpool football club and his desire for doing a movie in Dubai.

  • Dec 12th - Samuel L. Jackson Interview Part 1

    We caught up with superstar Samuel L. Jackson who was in Dubai for the first time for DIFF. In part 1 we talk about what he has done in Dubai, plus his character in The Avengers and Star Wars.

  • Dec 7th - Ali Mustafa Interview

    We had renowned Emarati movie director Ali Mustafa in studio to talk about his new movie 'The Worthy' that is set to premiere at the Dubai Film Festival this weekend.

  • Nov 24th - Just Sul Interview

    Internet and Instagram sensation Just Sul joined us live in studio to talk about how he got started and his rise to stardom.

  • Nov 23rd - Mo Farah Interview Part 3

    We did the wheelbarrow race with Olympic champion Mo Farah.

  • Nov 23rd - Mo Farah Interview Part 2

    Olympic champion Mo Farah was in studio with us this morning and in part 2 of our chat with him he told us his 'secret' to winning the big races.


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