Monday, February 27, 2017

Kris Fade Show Interviews

  • Feb 22nd - Ali Mustafa Interview

    Local movie director Ali Mustafa joined us on the show this morning to announce the release of his current movie ' The Worthy' and also to help Kris get ready for the Oscars red carpet.

  • Feb 22nd - Silento Interveiw

    Silento, who is best known for his song 'Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae)', joined us on the show this morning to debut new music and talk about his super stardom.

  • Feb 19th - Red Baraat Band Interview & Performance

    Red Baraat, an 8 piece band from New York City, joined us on the show for a live performance which ended up in a collaboration with Kris & Big Rossi's band 'Duvet'.

  • Feb 19th - Omar Nour Interview

    We had Omar Nour, a triathlete, join us in studio to talk about the benefits of taking part in triathlons and challenge the Kris Fade Show team to take part in the next triathlon in Abu Dhabi.

  • Feb 14th - Interview : Benjamin From Twitter

    Benjamin from Twitter joined us to offer some insignt about Valentine's Day from the Twitterverse.

  • Feb 14th - Mariah Carey Interview

    Mariah Carey is heading back to Dubai for the Dubai Jazz Festival and she joined us on the show this morning.

  • Feb 12th - Henrik The Travel Guy Interview

    Henrik has travelled to almost every single country in the world and we had a chat with him this morning.

  • Feb 9th - Nick Watson Interview

    Inspirational dad Nick Watson from Team Angel Wolf joined us to talk about his inspirational story, plus Kris Fade's new fitness initiative #FadeFit.

  • Feb 1st - Aidan Young's Album

    We were joined by Aidan Young's mother Kristina in the studio to get an update on her late son Aidan Young's music.

  • Jan 22nd - The NomNom Restaurant Interview

    We had the owner of Nom Nom restaurant, Vivek, on the show this morning to talk about their initiative which has now gone viral because they feed hungry job seekers for free.

  • Jan 19th - Satnam Singh Interview

    His story is an inspiration to everyone who hears it. He is the first ever Indian to be drafted into the NBA and he joined us on the show this morning.

  • Jan 12th - Billy Dib Interview

    We had world champion boxer Billy Dib on the show this morning and challenged him to do the soup challenge against Kris Fade.

  • Jan 12th - Adam Saleh Interview

    We just announced Adam Saleh will make a special appearance at RedFestDXB and he joined us on the show to make the announcement.

  • Jan 8th - G-Eazy Interview

    He is one of the upcoming artists in the world right now and we announced his addition to the RedFestDXB line up. We had a brief chat with him ahead of his visit to Dubai next month.

  • Jan 8th - Sean Paul Interview

    We spoke with Sean Paul this morning about him being added to the RedFestDXB line up, the upcoming birth of his first child plus the phenomenon that is the song Cheap Thrills.


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