Tuesday, February 21, 2017

KFS Show Highlights

  • Feb 21st - Kris Gets Ready For The Oscars

    With Kris going to the Oscars next week, Priti Malik decided to get him ready for the big day on air.

  • Feb 21st - What's Your WhatsApp

    We wanted to tap into your phone to find out the last voice message you recieved and this is what we received from you.

  • Feb 21st - Big Rossi's Pub Quiz

    It's Kris going up against Priti Malik in Big Rossi's weekly Pub Quiz.

  • Feb 20th - Kris Is Going To The Oscars!

    Kris broke the news this morning that he will be travelling to L.A. to appear on the Oscars red carpet for OSN.

  • Feb 20th - Men Vs. Women Memory Game

    A study says women have good memory compared to men so we put it to the test with Priti Malik going up against Kris Fade.

  • Feb 19th - Red Baraat Band Interview & Performance

    Red Baraat, an 8 piece band from New York City, joined us on the show for a live performance which ended up in a collaboration with Kris & Big Rossi's band 'Duvet'.

  • Feb 19th - Omar Nour Interview

    We had Omar Nour, a triathlete, join us in studio to talk about the benefits of taking part in triathlons and challenge the Kris Fade Show team to take part in the next triathlon in Abu Dhabi.

  • Feb 19th - Watch Your Mouth

    Kris & Big Rossi played another round of Watch Your Mouth this morning.

  • Feb 16th - Zoe Gets Serenaded By Duvet

    Zoe didn't see this coming!

  • Feb 16th - Duvet Cover Niall Horan

    Duvet were back with another cover song, this time around it was Steve Aoki & Niall Horan's latest hit.

  • Feb 16th - Dawn's Movie Review

    Dawn was back with her review of the movies you need to be watching this weekend.

  • Feb 16th - Justin & The Steel Pan Drums

    Justin Homer joined us in studio with his Steel Pan Drums and blew the entire nation away with his amazing talent.

  • Feb 15th - Big Rossi & Raju Get Manicures

    After Big Rossi argued it wasn't manly for guys to get a manicure, Kris arranged for both Big Rossi and Raju to get manicures from the Doll House.

  • Feb 15th - Kris' Kranks

    Kris decided to prank Maz from the Trending20 on Valentine's Day live on air!

  • Feb 15th - Rahaf Gets A Surprise

    We spoke to Rahaf earlier in the week and called her again this morning with a little surprise up our sleeves.


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