Wednesday, January 25 2017

KFS Show Highlights

  • Jan 24th - Does Dancing Make Men Hot?

    Kris and Big Rossi decided to do a dance routine in a bid to look hot to women.

  • Jan 24th - Flirting On Social Media

    Kris' friend "Sean" just broke up with his partner due to a message she considered a flirt on his social media. Question is who was in the wrong?

  • Jan 23rd - Kris & Sean Paul at RedFestDXB

    We started an online campaign this morning to get Kris on stage to perform Cheap Thrills with Sean Paul.

  • Jan 23rd - Calorie Counts

    The Dubai Goverment may introduce a move to have restaurants display the calories for all foods on their menus. Are you for or against the idea?

  • Jan 23rd - Kris' Kranks

    A leading coffee retailer says you can return goods within 14 days for an exchange, so Kris decided to return a coffee he bought 7 days ago!

  • Jan 22nd - Kris Is Afraid Of The Chicken Pox

    Kris is afraid of catching the chicken pox and can't quite remember whether he had it when he was a child.

  • Jan 22nd - The NomNom Restaurant Interview

    We had the owner of Nom Nom restaurant, Vivek, on the show this morning to talk about their initiative which has now gone viral because they feed hungry job seekers for free.

  • Jan 22nd - Bill & The Dubai Marathon

    We received an interesting call from Bill who is still running the Dubai marathon a day after it ended!

  • Jan 19th - Dawn's Movie Review

    Dawn was back with her weekly movie review.

  • Jan 19th - When's The Last Time You Apologized?

    Saying sorry can be hard to say sometimes but we wanted to find out the last time you said sorry and the reason behind the apology.

  • Jan 19th - Satnam Singh Interview

    His story is an inspiration to everyone who hears it. He is the first ever Indian to be drafted into the NBA and he joined us on the show this morning.

  • Jan 18th - Raju at RedFestDXB 2017

    We gave him a challenge and he accepted. Raju will be presenting an artist on stage at RedFestDXB and he gave us a sample of how he would be on stage.

  • Jan 18th - Watch Your Mouth Game

    This morning we tried out a new game that left our mouths in pain and our ribs cracking.

  • Jan 17th - Huda Beauty

    We had Huda & Mona Kattan join us in studio with an exclusive announcement plus they gave our lucky listener Jessica a mini make-over!

  • Jan 17th - Kris & Priti Get Treated For Flu

    Big Rossi used his #PlugLife to get Kris and Priti treatment for their flu from the Elixir Clinic.


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