Tuesday, March 28, 2017

KFS Show Highlights

  • Mar 27th - Pretend To Speak The Language

    Kris calls up Romania and pretends to speak their language.

  • Mar 27th - One Word Mondays

    We wanted to find out one word that described your mood this Monday morning.

  • Mar 27th - Fade's Facts

    These facts will make you seem educated and make for good water cooler banter!

  • Mar 26th - What Made You Miss Your Flight?

    Since Brent Black missed his flight to Paris we wanted to find out what made you miss your flight.

  • Mar 26th - Why Brent Black Missed His Flight

    We caught up with Brent Black this morning to find out why he missed his flight to Paris.

  • Mar 26th - Big Rossi's Big Mistake

    Big Rossi made a mistake over the weekend.

  • Mar 22nd - Brent Black's Huge Surprise

    So Brent Black from The Ride Home called into the studio with a huge surprise for Kris Fade.

  • Mar 22nd - The Office Race

    In preparation for the Race in the Amazing Place, Kris, Priti, Big Rossi & Raju decided to do a race of their own around the office.

  • Mar 21st - Crazy Russian Boss' Radio Demo

    Kris found audio of the Crazy Russian Boss when he used to be a radio presenter and decided to play it on air!

  • Mar 21st - Big Rossi's Pub Quiz

    Big Rossi's pub quiz had a twist this week.

  • Mar 21st - Duvet Sing Justin Bieber

    A rainy morning in Dubai and Duvet decided to do what they do best - do a cover of a song.

  • Mar 20th - International Happiness Day

    This is how we celebrated International Happiness Day. A little laughter therapy never hurt anyone right?

  • Mar 20th - Mahira Khan Interview

    Kris caught up with Bollywood actress Mahira Khan on the Global Teacher Award red carpet.

  • Mar 20th - Andrea Boccelli & Ranbir Kapoor Interviews

    Kris caught up with Andrea Boccelli and Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor on the red carpet of the Global Teacher Award.

  • Mar 20th - Brian Lara & Aravinda De Silva Interviews

    Kris caught up with cricketing legends Brian Lara and Aravinda De Silva on the red carpet of the Global Teacher Award.


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