Thursday, April 27, 2017

KFS Show Highlights

  • Apr 27th - Dawn's Movie Review

    Dawn was back this morning with a review of all the movies we need to watch this weekend.

  • Apr 27th - Shah Family On Autism Awareness

    We had the Shah family join us on the show to talk about Autism Awareness #AutismRocks.

  • Apr 27th - Life's Biggest Regrets

    Magic Johnson, one of the greatest basketball players, confessed that he regrets not having accepted shares from Nike, which got us asking - what's the biggest regret you've had in life?

  • Apr 26th - International Hug An Australian Day

    We opened up the studio for anyone and everyone to walk in and hug Kris to commemorate International Hug An Australian Day.

  • Apr 26th - Andy The Dog Trainer

    We had a chat with Andy who is a dog trainer based in Dubai to get some answers on how to go about getting dogs properly trained.

  • Apr 25th - Flower Shop Prank

    Kris and Priti just pulled off the most epic of prank phone calls and it was such an eye opener.

  • Apr 25th - Rossi's Pub Quiz

    Big Rossi's pub quiz this morning was very contentious.

  • Apr 25th - Parenting Hardships

    This has to be one of those hardships that parents face on a regular basis and Kris went through the same with his oldest daughter.

  • Apr 24th - Fitness With Essa Interview

    Essa Al Ansari lost over 70kgs in 3 years and is now a motivational speaker on the benefits of staying fit and eating healthy.

  • Apr 24th - Kris Tricked His Kids

    Kris took his kids to Doha over the long weekend and he tricked them to thinking they were still in Dubai.

  • Apr 24th - Kris Fade's Fear Of Flying

    Kris came face to face in an airline incident that worsened his fear of flying.

  • Apr 20th - Bieber Shredder Day 5

    The Bieber Shredder struck again this morning.

  • Apr 20th - Duvet Cover Gloria Gaynor

    Duvet were at it again this morning; they were challeged to cover Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive'.

  • Apr 20th - Dawn's Movie Review

    Dawn was back on the show to review the movie 'Boss Baby' out this weekend.

  • Apr 20th - Amerie Interview

    We caught up with superstar Amerie on the show this morning. She is performing this weekend in Dubai.


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