Monday, January 16 2017

KFS Show Highlights

  • Jan 16th - Big Rossi's Smile

    It's photo day at Virgin Radio but Big Rossi has a problem smiling!

  • Jan 16th - Silly Questions That Tourists Ask

    Here are a few questions that tourists in Dubai like to ask.

  • Jan 16th - The Flu Club

    It's the in thing to have at the moment - the flu - and a lot of people seem to be suffering around the country.

  • Jan 15th - Would You Do This?

    A couple has stayed rent free at their apartment for seven years! The couple are now being sued by their landlord for all the years they stayed rent free. Would you have done the same?

  • Jan 15th - Over-Rated Food Items

    Kris decided to rant about a lobster he had for dinner which was not value for money. A lot of people had their own suggestions of food items that are totally over-rated.

  • Jan 12th - Billy Dib Interview

    We had world champion boxer Billy Dib on the show this morning and challenged him to do the soup challenge against Kris Fade.

  • Jan 12th - Dawn's Movie Review

    Dawn was back with the first movie review of 2017!

  • Jan 12th - Adam Saleh Interview

    We just announced Adam Saleh will make a special appearance at RedFestDXB and he joined us on the show to make the announcement.

  • Jan 11th - Netflix & Drill

    A brand new way of watching Netflix!

  • Jan 11th - David Wins The Pop Quiz

    Stay at home dad David demolished the pop quiz this morning and walked away AED 10,000 richer!

  • Jan 11th - Priti Malik's Preganancy Talk

    Priti Malik's husband Jeff weighs in on the topic of whether they will be having a baby this year!

  • Jan 10th - Priti Malik's Baby Intervention

    Priti faced an intervention by her family about having a baby!

  • Jan 9th - Kris Fade Tricked The System!

    Kris admitted to have tricked the system when he recently went to Disneyland and this is how he did it.

  • Jan 9th - New Years' Resolutions

    What's your New Year's resolution? We got talking about them today.

  • Jan 8th - Australian Food Challenge

    Kris Fade came bearing gifts from his vacation in Australia and it didn't go down well with Priti and Big Rossi.


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