Golden Sound

Ever dreamt of winning up to 50 thousand Dirhams?

Winning is easy. Guess the Golden Sound and you’ll walk away with the cash!

We’ll start at 10k, and the jackpot will grow 1000 Dirhams every time we play!

Listen to Virgin Radio from Sunday 14th May for your chance to win.

Virgin Radio’s 50K Golden Sound, powered by Golden Mile Galleria.
Discover Golden Mile Galleria on the Palm Jumeirah.



Incorrect guesses:

Smashing glass
Unwrapping cellophane on a bunch of flowers
Flicking through Post-It notes
Chopped wood about to fall
Withdrawing cash from an ATM
Velcro soft play mat

Stretching packaging tape
Automatic tissue/paper towel dispenser
Sewing machine
Grinding coffee in a coffee machine
Chicken being fried in a pan
Sparks coming from a welding machine
Water splashing from a fountain
The steam wand in a coffee machine used for milk
The sound of crunching autumn leaves under your feet


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