DJ Drama Alert!

So it looks like David Guetta didn’t get the memo that we were leaving the Mannequin Challenge behind as we moved into 2017. He posted a video on Instagram yesterday of him on a busy street in Tokyo…not moving… a muscle…for 45 seconds. Not quite a Mannequin Challenge because the people behind him are moving…so what was he doing?


Tokyo, I am so excited to be here!!!! See you tonight at my show!

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That’s what Dillon Francis wanted to know when he re-posted the video on his Instagram with this reaction:

‘Dude @davidguetta I don’t understand this video you posted a a day ago…not trying to be mean I just don’t get it…..did you think it was time lapse?? After you saw that it wasn’t time lapse did you say “ $%*& it I stood there for too long not to post it”… YOU STOOD THERE FOR ALMOST 40 SECONDS DOING NOTHING!! You didn’t even edit the part where you walk back to the camera!! I’m so $%*&ing confused…. Did you want to do the mannequin challenge but forgot to add the music?? That’s honestly the only thing that seems logical so I put the song to it for you… lemme know if I’m wrong please please please I need to $%*&ing understand this it’s doing my head in.’

The best part are the comments that followed from some of EDMs biggest names:


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