The Dirt | October 10, 2017

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Taylor Swift was bridesmaid number one for her BFF Abigail. Here’s a couple pics.

(09.10.17) – Novas fotos da Taylor no casamento de sua melhor amiga Abigail no começo do mês passado! 😍

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Ellen REALLY wants Beyonce to follow her on Instagram. So much so that she has bought a billboard right next to Bey’s house.

I put this billboard up in front of @Beyonce’s house. Too much?

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It’s probably hard enough to be the president of United States, but then you have to deal with all your ex-wives. Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana just blew things up in an interview, letting slip that she has a direct number to the White House, talks to the Prez once every couple weeks, and oh by the way, since she was his first wife, she says she’s the real First Lady.

What do you guys think of this interview that Ivana Trump gave to #GoodMorningAmerica ? For me I think the immortal words of George W Bush on the date of Trumps inauguration after listening to Trump's " American Carnage" address sums up my impression .😒……. "That was some weird shit" _______________________________________ #IvanaTrump #HelpPuertoRico #trumpnocare #Obama #DACA #trumptreason #complicit #trumprussia #hillary #obamacare #funnyvideo #hillary2020 #notmypresident #trumpprotest #lockhimup #donaldtrump  #imwithher #Melaniatrump #impeachtrump  #collusion  #crookedtrump  #imstillwithher  #strongertogether #guncontrol #donaldtrump  #imstillwithher #LasVegas #obstructionofjustice #dotard

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Big Sean’s girlfriend got a full color tattoo of him on her arm. Which is always a good idea.

Art is ❤️thanks Jheńe for allowing me to share this moment.

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A new poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi just dropped, and it pretty much looks like every other Star Wars poster. But, it also means we’re probably going to get a new trailer soon.

Did I say soon? Because I meant now.

The father of Amy Winehouse wants to turn her life into a West End musical. And you know that would probably be pretty good.

And Kit Harrington, Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, is a fun boyfriend. Here he is pranking his now-fiancé and former costar Rose with the old severed-head-in-the-refrigerator trick.


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