The Dirt | November 9, 2017

Another victim is accusing Kevin Spacey of assault. The mother of the victim says her 18-year-old son was groped by Spacey last year at a restaurant. While the actor went to the restroom, someone who knew of Spacey’s past told him to run, which he did.

Kevin Spacey is being removed from a major film directed by Ridley Scott that’s already finished. All The Money In The World is the true story of the kidnapping of one of the uber-wealthy Getty family. Spacey plays J. Paul Getty, a role that will have to be entirely re-shot. Another legendary actor, Christopher Plummer, will do the emergency re-shoots for the film which is due out next month. Here’s the original trailer. Look for Spacey in the end – it’s likely the last you’ll see of him.

Celine Dion was joined on stage by Steve Aoki in Las Vegas for a special EDM remix of My Heart Will Go On.

Harry Styles has a new video for his song Kiwi. It’s intense enough that at the beginning they advise us that no children or animals were harmed. The cupcakes, however, did not fare as well.

Something new has been found in one of Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces. Someone looking at “Olive Trees,” painted in 1889, found a dead grasshopper in the paint. Apparently VVG liked painting outside, so the guess is that’s how it got there – and that’s where it will remain. Scroll right to the the bug.

And to put you in the right mood for the weekend, here are pandas playing in the snow.



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