The Dirt | November 7, 2017

Rapper Meek Mill has been sentenced to 2-4 years prison for violating his probation. Back in 2009 he was busted for possession of illegal substances and weapons. As a result, he was placed on probation, which a judge says he violated by getting into a fight at an airport earlier this year, and also getting arrested for reckless driving on another occasion. Jay Z, Meek’s boss, says the sentencing was unjust and heavy-handed.

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Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith are going to pay Tyrese Gibson $5 million to stay off social media – sort of. The money is actually to help Tyrese pay for legal fees while he’s battling his ex-wife for custody of their daughter. But part of that is a condition to stay off social media.

Meanwhile, Tyrese says he’s going to pay a full Harvard scholarship for the kid in this video (when his Will Smith money comes in).

Kylie Jenner was photographed for the first time with what appears to be her baby bump. But she’s been trying hard to play low-key and not reveal that she’s pregnant, even though everybody knows she is. So when the photos came out, Kylie claimed they were Photoshopped. But the photo agency responsible put out a statement saying the photos were 100% real and untouched.

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Marilyn Manson made some news by waving an assault rifle around on stage during one of his concerts in San Bernardino, California. Thing is, it wasn’t real (obviously, as you can see the big orange tip), and he warned police ahead of time just in case they got nervous. There was a mass shooting in the town a year ago.

The Crown returns to Netflix next month, and we have the first trailer:


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