The Dirt | May 15, 2018

Meghan Markel’s Photo Scandal
So, the big story today; the royal wedding, only a few days away, hits huge drama.  It is confirmed that Meghan Markel‘s father will no longer walk his daughter down the aisle. Not only that, he’s not even coming to the ceremony! Turns out Thomas Markle accepted over $100,000 for some posed paparazzi shots.  The pictures really aren’t anything bad – you may have seen them:
Thomas told TMZ that the shame of this story is too much, and that he’s not coming.  Now his daughter, Meghan’s half-sister says SHE was the one that suggested he pose for the photos.  

Kensington Palace, who were apparently surprised by Thomas’ pulling out, said in a statement that this was “a deeply personal moment for Ms. Markle,” and, of course, asked for understanding and respect.  
Pete Wentz and wife welcome 3rd child
Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and his wife have a new baby daughter.  Her name: Marvel.  Feel free to make your comic book related jokes now.
Kristen Stewart protests barefoot
Kristen Stewart is fighting the power!  I didn’t know this but apparently there is a rule on the red carpet, at the Canne Film Festival, that all ladies must wear high heels. Kristen decided to stage a one woman protest by taking off her Louboutin’s and walking up the famous carpet barefoot.

Benedict Cumberbatch makes a statement
And Benedict Cumberbatch says that he’s not gonna do anymore movies where women aren’t making the same as men. That’s a great idea, and I love him for recognizing the pay-gender gap, but he’s in the Marvel films as Doctor Strange. Robert Downey Jr. makes a gajillion dollars playing Iron Man, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Good luck!


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