The Dirt | January 11, 2018

YouTube is punishing Logan Paul for posting that video of a man who had committed suicide. In a statement, YouTube says Logan’s videos are being taken off the “preferred” ad platform, meaning they will earn less money. YouTube is also putting a new film starring the social media star on hold. Logan apologized over a week ago in a video on his channel, but since then has gone silent.

Meanwhile, Logan’s dad Greg isn’t silent – he just posted this video.

Richard Branson awarded Conor McGregor a “lifetime” achievement award in Dublin last night. Somehow it ended with both of them shirtless and pretending to hit each other.

Harvey Weinstein was slapped and cursed at by a man in a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. The disgraced movie producer was having dinner when an apparently intoxicated man asked for a picture. After Harvey said no, the man launched into a verbal attack, and as Harvey was leaving, slapped him a couple of times.

And IKEA has an ad in their catalog that doubles as a pregnancy test. You put your sample on the area, which is right below a listing for a baby crib. If you’re expecting, a sale price appears for the crib.



And check out this Ed Sheeran doppelganger!



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