The Dirt | January 10, 2018

Just a day after James Franco picked up Best Actor at the Golden Globes, some allegations of sexual harassment have come up against him from multiple women. James talked about it on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The pay gap between men and women in Hollywood has been a hot talking point for years. Check this out: The film All the Money in the World needed reshoots after the firing of Kevin Spacey. Mark Wahlberg was called back, and was paid $1.5 million to do the re-shoots. Michelle Williams, who has a bigger part in the film, got paid $1,000.

Meghan Markle has said goodbye to social media. The princess-to-be has deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts ahead of her May wedding to Harry.

After horrible wild fires, California is now dealing with mudslides. Oprah was a victim, showing a mud-filled back yard. She mentions a small house she had in the back of the property is gone. Swipe left to see it.

And watch this BBC reporter get attacked by lemurs.


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