The Dirt | April 16, 2018

This is sad.  John Cena and Nikki Bella have ended their six year relationship.  You may remember it was just a year ago John proposed to Nikki in the ring at Wrestlemania.  

A very pregnant Cardi B got up on stage at Coachella and pretty much killed it Sunday.  G-Eazy, Kehlani, and Chance the Rapper joined her throughout the set.  I’d play you some video of it, but I’d get fired.  So here’s a couple of still shots.
And F Lee Ermey was the go-to actor if you needed a really hard-as-nails army guy.  He was in over 70 films.  You might remember him as the Toy Soldier commander from “Toy Story.”  Well, he has passed away at the age of 74. 

If you’ve missed the good old days of Kaye West twitter rants, good news, he’s back!  He left in May of last year.  He’s still not back on Instagram.


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