Author: Brent Burcroff

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So much shade is being thrown by Wendy Williams, we may need a vitamin D supplement. Also, Selena and Justin look simultaneously cute and bored together.

Fergie apologizes, Deadpool is for the children, and Barbie is now armed and dangerous.

Is this really the worst-ever performance of the US National Anthem? Also, the BAFTAs, Backstreet’s back (alright?), and this is the wrong way to go to Black Panther.

Jennifer Aniston is single again, Adam Levine is a Dad again, and one guy is an Olympic champion again. Plus, a new trailer for the awesome looking Ready Player One.

Kanye is back, so are The Spice Girls, Cardi B is iced out, and we have a new trailer for ‘The Incredibles 2.”

Royal wedding details, Cardi B thaws ice, and robot dogs are equal parts cute and terrifying.


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