Author: Brent Burcroff

Page: 7

Uma Thurman finally speaks out, new unreleased Yeezys spotted in the wild, “Black Mirror” is coming back, and why people are hating on the new Frozen short film.

Jennifer Lawrence is single again, and Maroon 5 dresses in disguise on the NYC subway – you have to see this!

Chrissy Teigen has an announcement to make, we tell you who is the highest paid supermodel, and the real Borat saves the day for six dudes wearing mankinis.

Fashion roadkill at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, who’s getting sued for posting a picture of himself, and is this really the first-ever selfie?

Bruno Mars wins huge at the AMAs, Pink dances on the side of a building, Selena is blonde, BTS performs, and Charles Manson probably won’t be missed.

Jelena is definitely a thing again, Ben Affleck squirms, Taylor sells, and The Incredibles are back!


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