Author: Brent Burcroff

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Another sad celebrity passing, a new “Game of Thrones” series is coming, and Meghan Markle makes her first post-wedding official appearance.

Watch the great-grandmother whom Kim Kardashian help get out of prison reunite with her family, 13 Reasons Why is coming back, and if you bought an Apple iWatch you may be very sad right about now.

More news on the sad passing of fashion designer Kate Spade.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a real hero (according to his Uber driver), Johnny Depp isn’t looking his best, and check out the new trailer for “Bumblebee.”

This is the dumbest thing you’ll see today, and the guy is an FBI special agent.

We have a pic of Drake’s “secret” baby, see wqho got a girlfriend tattoo, Fortnite is coming to Nintendo, and LeBron wears suit shorts.


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