Author: Brent Burcroff

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Kanye puts the stock in stocking stuffer, Khloe gives us a due date, and the sweetest holiday wedding proposal will have you reaching for tissues.

A grab bag of Christmas stuff today. A rapper finds the Christmas spirit as his mother’s home lay in ashes.

Merry Christmas! Serena Williams is making her tennis comeback next week here in the UAE, and have some holiday cheer with this video of people meeting at the airport. Ho ho ho!

A celebrity engagement, J-Law gifts a Porsche, and what was the UFO over LA?

Khloe Kardashian finally tells us what we already knew, are Taylor and Katy finally over their beef, and Apple admits to something a little shady.

Selena and mom drop each other in the coldest way possible, Lady Gaga is hitting Vegas for two years, and we have your first trailer for Oceans 8!


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