Author: Brent Burcroff

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We have video of the motorbike crash involving Geroge Clooney – and it’s scary.

Justin and Hailey both talk about their engagement, G-Eazy is denied entry into Canada, and here’s why the Queen didn’t rock up to her great-grandson’s baptism.

Justin Bieber is engaged to Hailey Baldwin, and we have the first pic of the ring! Also, Kylie Jenner has “removed” her lip filler. See the new pout!

Chris Brown arrested, India has it’d own Rihanna, and is Meghan Markle putting on a British accent?

Nooo! A couple I loved together are no more. Frowney face,

Beyonce gets stuck, a huge star is finally coming to the UAE, and check out who paid Roger Federer $300 million to wear their clothes.


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