Author: Brent Burcroff

An unexpected death in music, a new celebrity power couple emerges, and David Harbour continues to be totally awesome.

Mark Wahlberg is all about equality, Lindsay Lohan may be just a boat ride away, and guess who’s coming to The UAE for the first time.

Seal vs. Oprah, The Queen vs the Crown, and Elon Musk vs. the dance floor.

Logan Paul is being punished, Richard Branson is shirtless, Harvey Weinstein is slapped, and IKEA will help you find out if you need that baby crib at a discount.

James Franco in trouble, Mark Wahlberg’s pay is way more than Michelle Williams, and lemurs are EVERYWHERE.

H&M is taking heat from The Weeknd, Kanye grants a last wish, and look who’s getting married (again).


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